“mADD Man” Book Launch Party Slides

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Dani Scher LLC

Dani is both from New Orleans and NYC. She attended her schooling in New Orleans and went on to graduate from Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2008, Dani Scher created a company - DANI SCHER LLC, to serve as a business technology strategist, app developer, and medical technology specialist. In addition, Dani has a very large background in social media marketing and working with small businesses. Now, at age 31, Dani resides full-time in NYC. Dani Scher began practicing yoga 13 years ago via DVDs from Gaiam at Target (specifically Rodney Yee's videos). After many years of self-study and practice, Dani currently attends Rodney Yee's classes regularly at Yogas Shanti NYC. In 2009, I woke from sleep and suddenly had lost all feeling from my hands up to the elbow and from my toes up to my knees. I could not walk. I was diagnosed with a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. The deficiency caused massive nerve damage. I saw countless doctors and sought out help from hospitals all over the world for help with no success. Both mind and body lost functionality and no help from any physical therapist was of any use. So after waiting for months for help from doctors (with no ability to take care of myself at all) I opened up a book that I refer to as the bible, B.K.S. Iyengar’s “Light On Yoga,” and reread the opening to the book. Iyengar wrote of his childhood filled with major health problems that labeled him as severely disabled. Iyengar took ownership of his own life and hit the yoga mat in India and went from disabled to the most famous yogi still to this day. After reading, I hit the mat. I conquered the initial frustration of going from very experienced yogi with the ability to do guru level asanas to a person with no control or use of the body with enormous success. I kept hitting the mat every day and in 4 months I could walk normally and do many asanas. My B12 deficiency is part of my life every day. Every day I hit the mat (with complete loss of feeling in the limbs) and then walk with beautiful prana radiating from my body and no one would ever know. Dani's studied to become an instructor under Jodie Rufty in 2013 at the YogaWorks Teacher Training Studio in SOHO NYC in a 200 hour intensive format. She is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200) by the Yoga Alliance and is CPR/AED certified. Now, DANI SCHER, LLC serves as primarily a yoga-service providing company. Dani has participated in Yoga at Bryant Park from 2012 to the present in addition to Yoga Summer Solstice in Time's Square from 2007 to the present. She has regular instruction by the amazing teachers at Yoga Shanti NYC and has a regular mentor, Kirtan Content Soul. Kirtan has been vital in Dani's education and life in general. Dani is constantly furthering her education; especially with the interest of anatomy. She will be studying to teach Prenatal Yoga in the Spring in addition to Postnatal Yoga. Dani teaches private lessons, corporate yoga, couples' sessions, yoga for seniors, and yoga for beginners at both her private studio in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and at her clients' locations. Every class has a customized music therapy playlist in addition to aromatherapy and a few extras to bring her clients the feel of luxury and comfort. Dani specializes in correcting breathing patterns and use of practical exercises to prepare my students to be healthy on and off of the mat. I also teach intense chair-yoga classes, mat-work sessions, and couples yoga. Her signature class, "Dani's Heroic Power Flow," is an intense strength and endurance building Vinyasa. The class is a combination of Ashtanga sequences, Hatha holds and breath, Iyengar alignment and technique, Kundalini Pranayama and krias, and my signature abdominal and Cardio workout. “I am an intensely passionate person and my passion is contagious. There is a solution to every problem and, therefore, it is not acceptable to accept life if you don’t like it. Every second of every day you have the chance to change things. Do it!. I use yoga to empower the body and mind to be strong. Empowering others is my purpose.” — Dani Scher

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